Black Sabbath canceled plans to record a new album to coincide with their farewell tour, but once their calendar is clear, they could end up back in the studio after all.

As previously reported, bassist Geezer Butler was the primary holdup when it came to cutting the new LP prior to the tour — at least according to guitarist Tony Iommi, who insisted he had written "a whole load of stuff for another album" and only agreed to put the brakes on because Butler "didn’t particularly want to" record.

Iommi didn't seem all that perturbed by Butler's lack of interest, and in fact pointed out that after the chart-topping success of 2013's 13 album, it would be difficult to go out on a higher note. But as Butler recently told Rolling Stone, his bandmates may have misunderstood his misgivings.

"I was just being logical," said Butler. "At the time, we were given six months to write and record an album and I said, ‘There's absolutely no way we can do it in six months.’ There's nothing stopping us from doing another album after the tour."

Singer Ozzy Osbourne, for his part, agrees with Butler's decision — and seems willing to entertain the idea of another Sabbath album, even if he stands by their plans to stop touring.

"Time ain’t on our side," said Osbourne. "By the time we’d have written and recorded another album, it would have been another three years. … I’m not saying I’ll never record with Tony or Geezer again, but I don’t think I want to go touring again with Black Sabbath after this."

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