Tony Iommi isn't the reason there won't be another Black Sabbath studio record. In fact, he says, he had already constructed "a whole load of stuff for another album" before the idea was scuttled.

Bassist Geezer Butler "didn't particularly want to do another album," Iommi told Q magazine (via Blabbermouth). "Then again, after you've just had a No. 1 album, where do you go from there?"

The sad part is, there was already a terrific foundation for going forward. After all, that chart-topping project, 2013's 13, featured only 11 of the band's 16 completed reunion tracks. "We may still put something out from that," Iommi added. "We don't know yet."

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath's previously announced farewell tour begins on Jan. 20. That follows Iommi's 2012 diagnosis of lymphoma; he underwent treatment throughout Sabbath's world tour in 2013. The guitarist still requires blood tests every six weeks, as doctors continue to monitor his condition. Iommi has also been hospitalized more recently with back problems.

All of this played a big role in his decision to hang it up after one more world tour. But regardless of what the future holds for Black Sabbath, Iommi won't be leaving music. "Do I intend to stop playing? No," he said. "It's the touring, really, [that is difficult]. I'd love to do something with the guys. But, whatever happens, I will do something."

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