In 1992, Black Sabbath hatched a plan to bring the band back to its mythical early-‘80s lineup featuring Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio and, after Cozy Powell’s horse conveniently fell on top of him, Vinnie Appice.

The news resulted in the band's not-so-surprisingly reinvigorated fan base cheering the decision before a single note was even played.

‘Dehumanizer’ was a concerted effort to modernize Black Sabbath for the MTV generation ... just in time for grunge to crush it under its Godzilla-like stomp. Compact and energetic head-bangers like ‘TV Crimes’ and ‘Time Machine’ rest alongside more conventional (albeit curiously technology-obsessed) doom tunes like ‘Computer God’ and ‘After All (the Dead).’

But for all the hype, the album didn't live up to Dio’s first two outings with Sabbath. And a proposed reunion show fell apart half a year later, when Dio refused to open for Ozzy Osbourne’s “retirement” concert. At least the incident opened the door to future reconciliations and for Rob Halford to sing with Sabbath for one very special night.

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