In a new TV ad for the upcoming movie '300: Rise of an Empire,' the sounds of Black Sabbath's classic 'War Pigs' can be heard loud and clear.

As the comic-book-meets-high-tech look of the commercial rolls out, 'War Pigs' follows the onscreen action with savage, and slow-motion, intensity. The movie, which comes out on March 7, is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel 'Xerxes' and is a sequel to 2007's hit film '300.'

'War Pigs' was released on Black Sabbath's second album, 1970's 'Paranoid,' and was the original working title of the LP. The defiantly antiwar cut is appropriately used to score a commercial for a movie that is knee-deep in battle images.

“You could just see a lot of things going wrong in the world, and nobody was saying anything about it,” bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler recalled in ‘Paranoid: Classic Albums,’ a documentary about the album. “Bob Dylan had long since faded from the present memory, and there was nobody talking about the stuff I wanted to talk about -- political stuff. So that’s what inspired me.”