When ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons showed up to sling drinks during the SXSW festivities in Austin, Tex., the Bloody Marys he made had a special ingredient: his own sauce.

The guitarist and singer put in an appearance at Lambert's restaurant on Friday and rolled out his brand-new BFG sauce line, which includes BFG #44 Sauce Piquant, billed as a "blend of the finest peppers for a truly unique fire-inducing flavor." Later on, he treated the crowd to a Texas brisket covered in the "sweet, tangy, spicy, and smokey" BFG #44 BBQ Sauce.

Lest you think the F stands for anything filthy, it (reportedly) doesn't. "BFG" is simply Gibbons' initials -- his middle name is Frederick, which is pretty refined for a guy with an eight-foot beard.

The sauces are said to be in "extremely limited quantities," so if you want 'em, better get on it.

However, if sauces aren't your thing but ZZ Top music is, you're still in for a treat: Billy said the band has wrapped up recording sessions for a long-awaited album and is just patiently waiting for uber-producer Rick Rubin to work his magic.

“He likes to do things at his pace,” Gibbons explained, adding that the finished product won't be a departure from the band's previous work: “It will sound like ZZ Top."

No word on any upcoming tour plans, but seeing Gibbons is as simple as turning on your TV -- he's just re-upped for two more seasons of playing Angela's father on the hit series ‘Bones.'

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