Earlier this week, we reported that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee had been in the studio working with Billy Corgan on a new Smashing Pumpkins record, which caused more than a few puzzled looks on people's faces. The decision was so surprising that Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan chose to explain how and why it all came to be.

"I first met Tommy way back in 1991 when he came to one of our shows," he wrote on his website. "And through the years we’ve run into each other many times at various places. So the coupling is not as odd as some might assume, as he, like I, has pushed into embracing new technologies, electronics, etc where it pertains to making new sounds. He is a wonderful, warm person to be around, and I wouldn’t have come to him with this proposition if I didn’t trust that this was something we’d both be proud of."

Later in the statement, Corgan beamed with pride as to the results of the collaboration, even taking to calling it "Supersonic Pumpkins," and paying a very nice compliment to the Crue basher. "Tommy hits the drums in a crushing manner," Corgan continued. "But as many fans know this is not without nuance or reaction; as he has a fantastic ear for music and plays with the songs in a means that only enhances excitement. The only other place I’ve heard this phenomena is with John Bonham of Led Zeppelin: where heavy drums can sound soft and expressive. Good company indeed!"

Lee will appear on all nine songs on 'Monuments To An Elegy,' wrapping things up before heading out on Motley Crue's final tour this summer. "I’m truly excited," added Corgan. "I believe this is soul music we’re making, and I’m proud of who I’m stuck in the foxhole with. Attack, attack, attack."

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