Killer guitar and rock 'n' roll go together so perfectly that for some bands, one guitarist — or heck, even two — isn't enough. Who could possibly be crazy enough to try and put together a list of the top 50 hard rock and metal guitarists of all time?

Our friends at Loudwire, that's who — and while no two fans' lists are ever the same, we think they'e done a solid job of honoring some of the most brilliant players to ever prompt an arena full of devil horn salutes.

Of course, the qualities that define a great guitarist are entirely subjective. Speed, dexterity, wicked solos, riff-writing prowess and sheer creativity all come into play, and it's also impossible not to take into account the sales success a musician has achieved or legacy they've established for those who follow along the fretboard. The Loudwire staff took all these things under consideration, cast their votes and the results have been arranged for your perusal in the handy photo gallery above.

Where did your favorite guitarists land on the list? Which ones didn't make the cut? Everyone is going to have some names they'd add or subtract, so check out the slideshow and join the debate in the comments.

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