Among all the commercials featuring beer, boobs and big-ass summer movies you'll see during the Super Bowl on Sunday will be a relatively smaller sell for the South American country of Ecuador. (Well, technically it's the Republic of Ecuador, so it's kinda not a country at all, but let's just call it one.)

And if we're to believe the 30-second ad, which you can watch above, Ecuador is a land filled with old-timey trains, colorful flora and content-looking turtles. Apparently, everything you need in life to make you happy can be found in Ecuador ... or so says that #AllYouNeedisEcuador hashtag that sits there onscreen for the duration of the commercial.

Or maybe it's just a way to tie in the Beatles' classic 'All You Need Is Love,' which plays throughout. What exactly does the 1967 Summer of Love flower-power anthem have to do with a, um, country best known for the Galapagos Islands, the place where Charles Darwin laid down his Theory of Evolution? Beats us.

Either way, it's probably one of the few commercials (hell, we'll go out on a limb here and say the only commercial) you'll see during the game on Sunday that will try to get you to book your next trip to a South American country that plays soccer instead of football.

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