Adele, the young female whipper snapper with a powerhouse voice, has made British music history by selling three million copies of an album in a calendar year, something that even legends and game changers like the Beatles and Pink Floyd failed to do during their heydays!

Congrats to Adele on the amazing accomplishments of her sophomore album '21.' According to Classic Rock, this lovely and talented English rose has boldly gone where Paul McCartney and co. didn't with 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' and hit the target that Roger Waters and crew missed with 'Dark Side of the Moon.' When you place this information in that context, it makes Adele's achievement seem that much more impressive.

Adele should be damn proud of her fine self. While it is a matter of personal and critical opinion how the singer stacks up against her fellow countrymen, there is no denying that in this day and age, when current album sales are sagging like an old man's skin or Billie Jo Armstrong of Green Day's pants, Adele is bucking trends.

She's also not a typical pop star, refusing to cave to the pressures of Hollywood and fame. So you have to give her props for that, too! We'd love to see her cover a Beatles or Floyd song, for that matter.