Summer's almost here, and how great is it that the Beach Boys are back with their own brand of summer goodness?

They may be in their golden years, but that won't stop California's favorite sons from taking us out to the beach just in time for some summer fun. The band's latest video, 'That's Why God Made the Radio,' does just that, capturing a bit of the nostalgia from their glory days along the way.

Though set in modern day, a bevy of young men and women don clothing reminiscent of the '60s, and the addition of classic cars, getting under the hood, and cruising under crystal blue skies continues to sell the point. Add in hot women, plenty of bikinis, a few surfing shots, and you've got the ideal video for the Beach Boys.

As the day gives way to night, we see many of the youngsters who've enjoyed the sand and the sun heading off for a night out only to make one final discovery. After arriving at a house, they hear some stirring in the garage and lift up the door to find the members of the Beach Boys inside, ready to pass on the good times to the next generation.

The 'That's Why God Made the Radio' video is a sentimental piece signifying what the Beach Boys have been and how their legacy and sound will still continue long after they decide to hang it up. 'That's Why God Made the Radio' comes from the album of the same name, and recently became their highest charting album since 1974.

Watch the Beach Boys 'That's Why God Made the Radio' Video

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