Joe Perry isn't done playing with Pitbull.

"Bad Man" -- the single Perry recorded with Pitbull, singer Robin Thicke and blink-182 drummer Travis Barker -- hasn't had much of an impact on the charts since making its debut earlier this year. But it's resurfaced in recent days through its use as the soundtrack for TNT's campaign to promote its NBA playoffs coverage, and the artists reassembled to film a commercial clip, which you can watch above.

While "Bad Man" might be back in the limelight at the moment, it seems safe to assume Perry is currently more focused on his next non-Aerosmith project: a solo album that, although it was once tabbed as a largely instrumental effort, has evolved into a collection that will feature some guest vocalists.

Perry premiered the new album's first single, "I'll Do Happiness," earlier this month, applauding singer Terry Reid's work on the track. "I had a really great time just hanging with Terry," said Perry. "He’s a really ‘up’ guy, and he’s a class act in the studio. He writes the lyrics on the spot and he just nails the vocals."

Shortly after debuting "I'll Do Happiness," Perry revealed that Iggy Pop had joined the roster of special guests on the record, along with David Johansen, who he said chipped in on "three or four" recordings. "It’s got all kinds of sounds, but I would probably say ‘funky’ is the quickest way to put it," he said of the as-yet untitled LP. "Everything starts with rhythm and that vibe. When I’m writing songs, it always starts with some variation of R&B and funk, whether it’s been from the first Aerosmith stuff ’til what we’re going to work on this afternoon."

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