Bad Company's drummer just got a lot more interesting. Jemina Kirke, daughter of Simon Kirke, was named the Babe of the Day by men's site While many Babe of the Day photos involve women wearing near nothing, Kirke is covered from head to toe in two of the three photos.

The female Kirke has a number of acting credits, including a roll on the upcoming HBO series 'Girls.' She plays Jessa amongst a female cast of women trying to figure out life after moving to New York City. She is a friend of series creator Lena Dunham, and was also cast in a 2010 movie called 'Tiny Furniture.'

According to GuySpeed, the younger Kirke followed the path of the television series, moving to New York City from London at the age of 10. However she insists she's not an actress. "People are confusing me with a good actor when I'm just a good mimic," she told Esquire in 2010. "When someone asks me to play a nun from the fifteenth century, you'll see what I mean."

Last year Simon Kirke also stepped outside his comfort zone and created his first solo album. 'Filling the Void' included appearances from Ted Nugent, Derek St. Holmes and G.E. Smith of 'Saturday Night Live' fame. In June Bad Company will begin a mini-tour of mainland Europe, their first since 1975.