She's a cowgirl, on a rocking horse she rides...

Eight-month-old Sydney may still be in diapers, but the girl knows great classic rock when she hears it. Her dad is starting her off young in this video, playing and singing the Bon Jovi classic 'Wanted Dead or Alive' (which generally isn't widely considered a lullaby) when the budding rocker joins in, singing along in a series of excited squeaks.

Sydney's not only an up-and-coming singer, she's also quite an accomplished headbanger already, rocking out to the music in a manner that turns the living room into her own personal mosh pit.

It looks like it might be time to get Sydney started on guitar lessons, too; she keeps putting her hands on the strings like she's trying to take the guitar away from dear old dad, with an attitude of, "Here, let me how you how it's done."

We all know Jon Bon Jovi likes to keep re-inventing himself to appeal to a broader demographic, but this is ridiculous!

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