New research proves what Guns N' Roses fans have known for years: Axl Rose is one gifted singer.

When it comes to just about anything involving art, "best" is an extremely subjective term, but people love ranking and sorting things so much that we continue to try and order our favorite artists anyway. Our latest example comes courtesy of a new chart that attempts to determine the world's greatest singers by listing them in order of vocal range -- and Rose's five-octave instrument puts him in the top spot.

The chart, assembled by Concert Hotels, ranks "today's top artists," and although you can probably guess a few of the singers who made the cut -- the Top 10 includes Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera -- some of the others might surprise you. As Consequence of Sound points out, the list includes plenty of classic rockers; in the top 10 alone, you've got Rose, Steven Tyler (no. 4), David Bowie (no. 8), and Paul McCartney (no. 9).

They all beat out Freddie Mercury (no. 11), and John Lennon (no. 13) outranks Elton John (no. 14); meanwhile, Roger Daltrey (no. 17) tops Bruce Springsteen (no. 19), while Jim Morrison (no. 23) beat out Robert Plant (no. 24). Meanwhile, Lou Reed (no. 40) has the same range as Eminem, both of whom come in higher than Steve Perry (no. 42). Like we said, there's some potentially surprising information here, but you can't argue with science, right? Check out the complete chart at this link.

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