Angus Young admits that he's not sure what's ahead for AC/DC after they wrap up their tour with Axl Rose. One thing's for sure, though: Rose is ready to keep going.

"We were committed to finishing this tour, so that's been our main goal, and Axl's helping us," Young told "I know he's very excited. He keeps saying can he do more? But we don't really know at the end how we will [proceed]. But we wanna get [through] this tour, which we were committed to doing. We wanna finish it."

Rose took a break from his reunion tour with Guns N' Roses to fill in for Brian Johnson after the longtime AC/DC singer was diagnosed with a potentially career-ending hearing problem. He's been with AC/DC since a May 7 show at Portugal, performing even after injuring his foot during a Guns N' Roses warm-up show in April. More recently, Rose has been leaving behind the specially modified onstage throne he's been using at concerts ... at least for parts of his performance.

"[Axl has] done a fabulous job, and he's almost out of his chair now," AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams said. "He's mobile, and he's enjoying himself. It's been really good." That's added another dimension to the pairing, Young added. "His leg's repairing, so each show we've been doing he's been getting up and moving around a lot more," the guitarist said. "So it adds more to the show."

AC/DC perform in Hamburg tonight, before continuing to shows in Switzerland and the U.K. Their European tour ends back in Germany on June 15.

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