Guns N' Roses' concert Sunday (Oct. 23) in Monterrey, Mexico, was stopped during the first song after crowd members began throwing unidentified flying objects onstage at the band. Singer Axl Rose halted the gig just one minute into their performance of 'Chinese Democracy' after the items were tossed onstage and Rose announced that they would leave if fans continued to "throw s---" at the band.

"Is that what you wanna do?" Axl asked the audience. "'Cause we will go home. Is that what you wanna do — throw s---? We would like to have fun. You wanna have a good time?" He then turned to his bandmates and said, "Alright, let's just skip that song," before they launched into 'Welcome To the Jungle.'

We hate to say it -- there's never a good reason to throw stuff at bands onstage! -- but the crowd did have a good reason to be irate. According to the the site, the city of Monterrey, Mexico, fined the concert's organizers $870 after Axl and his mates showed up onstage more than three hours late. Organizers blamed "technical issues" for the delay, although Rose is notorious for starting concerts extremely late.

The video posted below shows Rose stop the gig, kick something off the stage and begin talking to the crowd, although whatever is being tossed cannot clearly be seen. Rose hands the microphone over to an interpreter who translates his comments into Spanish for the crowd, which reacts with a mixture of cheers, boos -- and a few choice profanities that can be heard from fans sitting close enough to the camera that captured the incident.

The concert reportedly continued without further incident.

On Friday (Oct. 28), Guns N' Roses will bring their traveling circus home to America as they kick off a nationwide fall 2011 tour in Orlando, Fla.

Axl Rose Halts Concerts After Objects Are Tossed Onstage

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