Now that word is out that this summer's Guns N' Roses tour grossed more than $100 million, a former band member is coming for what he says is owed to him. Chris Pitman, who played keyboards in the band from 1998 until 2015, is suing Axl Rose for $163,000 in unpaid wages.

According to TMZ, Pitman has been waiting for Rose to pay up since 2011, when the singer wrote him a promissory note saying the debt would be paid by October 2012. Nearly four years later, Pitman says, he hasn't seen a cent. The original amount owed was $125,000, with interest adding an extra $38,000.

With $116.8 million taken in over nine weeks worth of stadium dates, the Not in This Lifetime tour was easily the highest grossing tour of the summer. This includes more than $11 million earned at their two shows in MetLilfe Stadium in E. Rutherford, N.J. The band are heading to Japan and Australia in early 2017, and it's believed that even more dates could be added in the future.

Pitman made headlines earlier this year when, shortly after the news of the reunion with Slash and Duff McKagan was made public, he supposedly violated a media blackout by tweeting about their performance at Coachella. After deleting the tweets, he wrote, "When I said ‘We are playing at Coachella,’ I meant me and my daughter like to play in the sand.” It is unknown if his actions were in any way responsible for him being replaced by Melissa Reese for the current tour.

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