Guns N' Roses' classic lineup didn't completely reunite for the band's current Not in This Lifetime tour, but it was evidently close enough for a whole bunch of fans.

Billboard reports that grosses for sales from the U.S. leg of the group's 2016 tour have crossed the $100 million mark, collecting $116.8 million across nine weeks of dates over the summer between June 23 and Aug. 22.

According to the data listed in the report, the tour hit its sales peak in New York, where the band collected more than $11 million over two shows at MetLife Stadium, where it performed for more than 100,000 fans. All told, the group reportedly played to more than a million concertgoers this summer.

GNR's summer run is far and away the top grosser on Billboard's "Hot Tours" list, with Bruce Springsteen placing a distant second and Billy Joel and Metallica showing up further down. It's well worth noting that none of the other acts on the list played as many dates as Guns N' Roses, but the obvious takeaway remains that there's still substantial demand for the group as a live act.

They'll soon have a chance to test that demand in other parts of the world. As previously reported, GNR will next head to Japan and Australia, where they're scheduled to play a handful of dates early next year. It remains anyone's guess as to when the tour will end, though it's already been suggested that they've scheduled shows "far into" 2017.

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