In June 1964, the Rolling Stones, on their first American tour, made a pilgrimage to 2120 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago -- aka Chess Studios, the home of Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf and so many of the electric bluesmen they idolized. While there, they recorded five songs, one of which was a cover of Berry's "Around and Around.'

As if taking on one of Chess' biggest stars on their turf wasn't audacious enough for the young ruffians, the Stones did the impossible and improved on the original. Listen to Charlie Watts' turnarounds and Keith Richards' sly guitar fills and you can hear how excited they are to be in the very spot where so many of their heroes recorded.


Watch the Rolling Stones Perform 'Around and Around' on the 'T.A.M.I. Show'

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