Scott Ian of Anthrax, a noted classic rock fan whose band has released supercharged covers of songs by Kiss, Joe Jackson, Queen and many others over the years, recently conducted an interview with our hard-rock and metal loving kid brother site Loudwire

In addition to talking about his band's excellent new album, 'Worship Music,' which comes out on Sept. 13, Ian shared his thoughts on the upcoming album from the unlikely combo of Lou Reed and Metallica, as well as the reunited Van Halen's rumored release.

The guitarist seems as curious about the upcoming "Loutallica" record, 'Lulu,' as we are, and he's intent on keeping an open mind about it: "The Metallica / Lou Reed thing, I’m interested in, but I am not a Lou Reed fan (laughs), so I’m interested to hear what James is doing, I’m really interested in hearing that. But I’m not really a Lou Reed fan, so it’s not something I can say I’m super-excited about, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised."

Maybe he'll get a chance to get over his doubts by hearing an advanced copy of the record when he joins Metallica for the Sept. 14 'Big Four' concert at the new (and cursed) home of his favorite baseball team, Yankee Stadium.

Ian has considerably less concern about the new Van Halen record, which will be the first to feature David Lee Roth on vocals since '1984.': "Yeah, I’m certainly excited for the Van Halen record, I saw them four or five times on the tour with Roth, and I loved it, I thought they were amazing. I’m really excited for that."

The rest of the interview is a very interesting look at how 'Worship Music' changed shape as Anthrax split with singer Dan Nelson and reunited with classic-era vocalist Joey Belladonna. If you wanna get yourself excited for the new Anthrax record, check out the review for the first official single, ‘The Devil You Know,’ on Loudwire right here.