The Police guitarist Andy Summers isn't closing the door on another reunion tour for the band. While he said that he always thinks the band has "unfinished business," he certainly is not sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring, hoping, wishing, praying or expecting Sting to be on the other end of the call.

During a recent chat with Guitar International, Summers said, "I always think it’s unfinished business. Why does it have to end? People always want to hear the band and want to hear those songs. We haven’t killed each other. We made it through the tour. It was the third biggest tour of all time, only because we decided not to go on forever, otherwise it would have been the biggest. It was just a phenomenal success on all levels."

Right, it was a major success, so exactly why did it have to end?

That's a question only Summers, Sting and drummer Stewart Copeland can answer, if they are able to let bygones be bygones. Regardless, Summers left the door of a reunion wide open, as opposed to simply cracked.

He said, "To me, I don’t think it’s wishful thinking…it is just too powerful to think it’s over. I don’t know. I’m not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Just getting on with the next project – so to speak."

Summers certainly doesn't romanticize the interpersonal relationships in The Police, saying that the mega successful reunion tour of 2007 and 2008 did not heal old wounds nor did it repair any of the damage that was inflicted years ago. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Summers said, "It was difficult. At the beginning, after the first fight, I thought, 'We aren’t going to make it, it ain’t going to work, it’s not going to happen.' But, the minute we started playing in front of those gigantic audiences, it was so ridiculously strong. It was hard to moan and feel bad about it when you’ve got that kind of success enveloping you."

Success does not mean all wine and roses when it comes to The Police. The way Summers put it, the idea of going on tour with his former bandmates again makes him think, "Why not go back in the ring with Mike Tyson?" Yeah, that's a harsh way of looking at it, but things are that tough between the former members of The Police. It's all sucker punches and haymakers, it seems.

Summers finished, "You’d think by now it would be, 'We’re all grown up now, no problem.' But it’s still difficult. Because when you do this kind of thing, in this field, you’ve got to be vulnerable. That’s the way it is. You have to wear your emotions on your sleeve to be able to do it really well, so that all the magic can happen. It’s a bit like trying to defuse a bomb."

So tell Sting and Copeland to thrown on their hazmat suits and embark on another tour!