Three of Alvin Lee’s post-Ten Years After solo albums have recently been reissued. This is the first time these records have been available on CD in more than 10 years, and they have also been remastered.

Recorded in 1973, ‘On the Road to Freedom,’ a collaboration with Mylon LeFevre, boasts an all-star band that includes George Harrison, Ron Wood, Steve Winwood and Mick Fleetwood.  It features Harrison’s ‘So Sad (No Love of His Own),’ which would later appear on his 1974 album ‘Dark Horse.’ Wood contributes his song ‘Let 'Em Say What They Will.’

Lee's second solo album, 1974’s ’In Flight,’ is a live album recorded at London’s famous Rainbow Theater. Its 22 songs are mostly originals, but covers of songs made famous by Elvis Presley (‘Don’t Be Cruel,’ ‘Mystery Train’), the Beatles (‘Slow Down’) and Little Richard (‘Keep a-Knockin’’) are also included. The third record, ‘Free Fall,’ was released in 1980, and marked the debut of the Alvin Lee Band.

Lee left Ten Years After two years removed from their Top 20 1971 hit, ‘I’d Love to Change the World.’ He died on March 6, 2013, from what was described as “complications following a routine surgical procedure."

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