Of all of this year's inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, the highest drama factor circles around, who else, Guns N' Roses! While the big question of "will they or won't they" reunite to perform at the event remains, we now have confirmation that all five original members of the fractured group will be in attendance.

In an interview with Billboard, Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed says, "I know that all the original band is going to be there, I don't know exactly what's going to go down." adding, "It's one of those things I'm sure will all come together and be really cool. I'm just going to go in with a good attitude and a clear head and a grateful heart."

Reed, the longest running member of the band aside from inimitable frontman W. Axl Rose, went on to say "Honestly, we haven't spoken about it, I don't know when or why or how to bring it up. It's not an every day sort of thing. So we haven't really talked about it, but I'm sure we'll have to at some point."

Original drummer Steven Adler told Rolling Stone late last year "I don't foresee it. You figure that time could heal all wounds, but some people just REALLY hold a crazy grudge." Slash has also been aloof in committing to attend, angrily denying a previous report from December that he had RSVP'd for the ceremony.

The Los Angeles-bred rock legends are being inducted in their first year of eligibility. On the topic of their entrance into those hallowed halls, Reed called it "pretty cool, especially when you think about all the people who are already in and helped make rock 'n' roll what it is. It's a real who's who of great musicians." He went on to salute the band's diehard fans as well saying "It's really cool for them more than anyone else. To me, that's the most important thing."

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame will welcome G-N-R along with Donovan, The Small Faces/Faces, Beastie Boys, Laura Nyro and The Red Hot Chili Peppers when the ceremony takes place on April 14 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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