Just in time for Halloween, Alice Cooper has announced the pending release of his 'Old School' box set. The collection, due Oct. 29, will feature material from his band era of 1964-1974.

The four-disc set features old demos, rehearsal recordings, radio appearances, pre-production versions, an interview disc and a full live show from 1971. This box set is a condensed version of the "super-deluxe" box set that Cooper issued last year.

The material on the collection is offered chronologically with 1966's 'No Price Tag Spiders' kicking off the 'Treasures One' disc, and a 'Greatest Hits' radio advertisement from 1974 completing the 'Treasures Two' disc.

The third disc is solely an interview disc speaking with Cooper and some of his peers, while the fourth disc in the collection is a bootleg disc dubbed 'Killer Live - St. Louis 1971.' In addition, the collection comes with a 60-page school yearbook. The entire set comes packaged in a school desk design.

Fans can also purchase the box set in digital form. For more details, visit Cooper's website.

Alice Cooper, 'Old School' Box Set Track Listing:
Disc 1: Treasures One

1. 'No Price Tag Spiders'
2. 'Nobody Likes Me' (demo)
3. 'On a Train Trip (Sing Low Sweet Cheerio)' (demo)
4. 'Reflected' (demo)
5. 'Easy Action' (version two radio ad)
6. 'Mr. and Misdemeanor' (Chicago Underground)
7. 'Fields of Regret' (Chicago Underground)
8. 'I'm Eighteen' (Chicago Underground)
9. 'Love it to Death' (Radio ad)
10. 'I'm Eighteen' (Love it to Death pre-production)
11. 'Be My Lover' (Killer demos)
12. 'Killer' (Killer demo)
13. 'Halo of Flies' (Killer demo)
14. 'Tornado Warning (Desperado)' (Killer demo)
15. 'Killer' (Radio ad)
16. 'Is It My Body' (Seattle live)

Disc 2: 'Treasures Two'

1. 'Akron Rubber Bowl' (Radio Ad)
2. 'School's Out' (Mar Y Sol Puerto Rico)
3. 'Kids Session School's Out' (Kids Session)
4. 'Outtakes / Luney Tune School's Out Pre-Production'
5. 'Outtakes / My Stars School's Out Pre-Production'
6. 'School's Out' (School's Out demo)
7. 'Under My Wheels' (Live at Madison Square Garden)
8. 'Teenage Lament '74' (Muscle of Love Demos and Rehearsals)
9. 'Never Been Sold Before' (Muscle of Love Demos and Rehearsals)
10. 'Working Up a Sweat' (Muscle of Love Demos and Rehearsals)
11. 'Muscle of Love' (Muscle of Love pre-production)
12. 'Teenage Lament '74' (Muscle of Love pre-production)
13. 'Muscle of Love' (Radio ad)
14. 'Good to See You' (Alice Cooper Radio ad)
15. 'Muscle of Love' (Rio)
16. 'Greatest Hits' (Radio ad)

Disc 3: In Their Own Words

Interview disc

Disc 4: Bootleg CD - Killer Live St. Louis 1971

1. 'Intro'
2. 'Be My Lover' (Intro)
3. 'Be My Lover'
4. 'You Drive Me Nervous'
5. 'Yeah Yeah Yeah'
6. 'I'm Eighteen'
7. 'Halo of Flies'
8. 'Is It My Body'
9. 'Dead Babies'
10. 'Killer'
11. 'Long Way to Go'
12. 'Under My Wheels'