A new preview trailer from Eagle Rock gives fans their first glimpse of a forthcoming Alice Cooper documentary, complete with archival footage, interviews, suitably weird animals and a rock opera storyline.

'Super Duper Alice Cooper' retraces the transformation of the man born Vincent Furnier into one of the most famous rock stars of his day, as he fronted a band described in the trailer as "half girl, half guy, half alien." Along the way, Cooper sparked a new sub-genre called "shock rock" through a combination of gory songs, wild make up and bizarre on-stage stunts involving guillotines, snakes, baby dolls, electric chairs and gallons of fake blood.

"All of a sudden," Cooper says. "We were the most notorious band on the planet." The film outlines the darker side of these successes, however, as Cooper descended into alcoholism. And while Cooper has always spoken of the difference between himself his onstage persona, he later admits: "I got lost in the character."

The 97-minute 'Super Duper Alice Cooper,' produced by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen for Banger Films and featuring appearances by Elton JohnIggy Pop and Dee Snider, is due in the spring. It will screen in April as part of New York's Tribeca Film Festival. Cooper is then set to serve as opening act for a Motley Crue on a tour that opens in July.

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