Alice Cooper's long-discussed covers album is taking its sweet time getting to record stores, but Cooper swears it'll be worth the wait.

He discussed the project during a recent appearance on Eddie Trunk's radio show, reiterating the album's mission statement as a tribute to all of his "dead drunk friends" and describing the way the music started taking shape in the studio, as well as the striking number of special guests the sessions attracted.

"We started going through the songs of who and what songs it would be," recalled Cooper. "We said, 'Oh, yeah. We've gotta do that.'" Once they got started, the guests "started showing up and saying, 'Hey, I wanna play on that,' and, 'I wanna play on that.'"

So who exactly joined Alice? "I can't tell you who's on what right now, 'cause it's not gonna be released yet, but it's the 'who's who' of everything," he laughed. "It was one of those things where, at one point, I'm looking around in the studio and I'm going, 'Holy crap! Look who's in the studio.'"

Predicting that it's "probably gonna be out in September," Cooper added that part of what makes this record special -- aside from the classic songs he's covering -- is the involvement of producer Bob Ezrin, who he referred to as "the only other person that actually knows who Alice Cooper is."

Crediting Ezrin with the idea for a covers album, he added that the producer was also the one who ultimately narrowed the focus of the songs. "Bob came up with the idea, 'Let’s concentrate it on all the guys that you drank with in L.A., the Hollywood Vampires, the ones that are all dead,'" he told Trunk. "I like the title 'All My Dead Drunk Friends.' It's just offensive enough to work, but all those guys would have totally got it. They had the same sense of humor. If you told them you were going to do an album after they were gone called 'All My Dead Drunk Friends,' they would have died laughing."

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