Alice Cooper earned his fame by shocking and terrifying the parents of suburban middle-class youth, but just like anybody else, he's got his own set of fears -- and he revealed his biggest one during a recent interview with Vegas Rocks! magazine. You can see video above.

Backstage before his set at the benefit for the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy on Dec. 5, Cooper paused for a brief chat with Vegas Rocks! publisher Sally Steele, who asked Cooper to reveal his greatest fear. Without even pausing for thought, Cooper replied, "Needles."

"I can't do a blood test," explained Cooper. "I can put my head in a guillotine, I can put a 20-foot boa constrictor around my -- my show's so dangerous, everybody gets stitches in my show. But a blood test, and I'm like -- and it has nothing to do with the pain, it has everything to do with the idea of a needle going in your arm. To me that just doesn't make any sense at all."

Something else that doesn't make sense anymore? Shock rock. "I think shock rock is pretty much dead, you know? You can't be more shocking than CNN," argued Cooper. "It's more like all entertainment now. You can't really shock an audience anymore."

Looking to the future, Cooper teased his upcoming covers album -- which he referred to as "basically songs from all my dead, drunk friends" -- and mulled the possibility of taking his music to a different kind of stage at some point. Asked what's left for him to do, he replied, "We haven't done an Alice Cooper Broadway play, which we are going to do, I'm sure. Eventually, we're going to do that."

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