If Rush remains off the road for any length of time, it won't be because Alex Lifeson wanted to stay home. The guitarist said he started to think that the band's recently wrapped R40 tour, which was meant to be a career-capping run, should have been extended to include more shows.

"I thought the tour was great," Lifeson told Prog. "I thought we played really well, the turn out was fantastic, I thought the set was great, the songs we chose were right. There was so much about it that was so positive and I think going into it there was the thought that this is the last one – a nice way to go out on top. But once we were in the middle of it or even toward the end of it, it seemed like it was just too short."

Fans will get to relive that 35-date trek on the band's upcoming R40 Live. Recorded in June at Rush's hometown of Toronto, the CD/DVD/Blu-ray package will be released Friday. Meanwhile, Geddy Lee has been raising some serious doubts about whether they will tour again at all.

If this turns out to be true, Lifeson said there remains one major regret. “I just wish we’d been able to do another 20 shows or so, and it’s too bad that we’re going to miss the U.K. particularly," he said. "It just feels a little shy of a true finish, a complete resolution. But if that’s the way it is, then we’ll adjust to it.”

Rush have left open the idea of recording another studio album to follow 2012's Clockwork Angels, but Neil Peart's tendonitis makes multiple live shows an issue. The drummer also has a young family he hates leaving behind to go out on tour.

“If and when we want to record another record and if there’s a possibility of us doing something in the future, I don’t know," Lifeson added. "The ball is in Neil’s court.”

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