Airbourne's Sept. 22 stop in British Columbia included a little bit of extra excitement for the fans in the crowd — and ended with injured frontman Joel O'Keeffe performing from a chair.

As you can see in the fan-shot footage above, O'Keeffe fell off the stage while delivering a solo during the show's encore performance of "Runnin' Wild," the title track from Airbourne's 2007 debut LP. After reportedly being rescued by the crew, O'Keeffe returned to the stage in time to finish the song — then stuck around to wrap up the set seated.

According to Planet Rock, O'Keeffe tore ligaments in his left leg during the fall, but he's managed to keep up with Airbourne's touring schedule anyway, performing in a cast during recent tour stops.

O'Keeffe's injury occurred just as the band was hitting the road in earnest to support its new Breakin' Outta Hell LP, which arrived in stores the day after the British Columbia show. They're scheduled to remain on the road into early next year, visiting North America, Europe and Australia along the way.

Airbourne fans are already no doubt aware of O'Keeffe's reputation for courting physical injury from the stage. As he recently joked in an interview with Spotlight Report, he's well aware of the reputation he's earned for climbing onstage apparatus during shows. "Most of the promoters at festivals already know that we are 'the band with that crazy guy who climbs on everything,'" he laughed. "However, I used to get warned a lot. As you can see, it didn’t work."

While his antics might drive promoters and insurance agents crazy, O'Keeffe sees it all as part of Airbourne's eager embrace of the hard rock lifestyle. "We're a bunch of blokes who love rock 'n' roll. We feel it and we play it for people like us -- people who are into the same music as us," he explained. "That’s why it’s so awesome to see fans at our shows with Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Judas Priest shirts, for example, because those are bands we love and grew up with, and that’s the kind of sound we'll play until the end."

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