Aerosmith fans have gotten used to really long waits between albums, and all things considered, it doesn't seem terribly likely that the band will get around to following up last year's 'Music from Another Dimension!' anytime soon. Still, that doesn't mean the members of the band aren't at least thinking about what they might do next.

Bassist Tom Hamilton considered the subject during an interview with the Australian publication Tone Deaf, timed to celebrate the band's first tour dates on the continent in nearly a quarter of a century. Explaining their long absence by pointing out that "It comes down to the economics so much because it’s very expensive to come down to Australia,” Hamilton added, “We’d like to be there for a month playing everywhere but it can’t always go the way you want it to. Hopefully the shows that we do play get people so excited that we come back to play more shows in the near future."

And as far as that future goes? While guitarist Joe Perry has hinted that 'Dimension!' may have been the band's final album, Hamilton isn't quite as gloomy. "I am looking to go back into the studio and do another record but under certain conditions," he mused, adding that he's tired of "examining every single detail of a record" and saying he'd like to "slap on the bass, get the drums rockin’ and the guitars blazing with Steve on those vocals with melodies and harmonies."

Of course, that's what Aerosmith has been promising to do for what seems like forever now, but hope springs eternal, right? In the meantime, the band's Australian fans have what Hamilton promises will be "absolutely incredible" shows to look forward to.

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