There are those who wonder how much longer Aerosmith will keep going, but singer Steven Tyler says he feels rejuvenated by the music on the band's latest record, 'Music From Another Dimension.'

He tells Rolling Stone that despite any disagreements the band members may have, it's the music where they all eventually come together. He explains, "It's the music that's keeping us alive. I've seen a thousand bands go down the drain because they can't stop giving each other the finger and holding resentments. No I just look at Joe Perry and say, 'F--- you about your 'F--- you!'"

Even with their occasional disagreements, Tyler says this is a band with everyone clicking. He adds, "The band has really come to the table, and I'm so f---ing proud of that. Joe Perry brought astounding stuff. Joey Kramer wrote one. Brad Whitford plays some fantastic leads. Tom Hamilton wrote a couple of great songs that we put on the album, where in the past his songs have been shunned."

Tyler, who is definitely into the new album, says he's even gone so far as to get a license plate for his Mercedes that says, 'Oh Yeah,' after one of the titles of the songs on the record.

As for the new disc, while it has its fair share of rockers, Tyler says he's got a track on there called 'Beautiful' that falls outside of the norm. He adds, "It was looked upon by the other guys as not Aerosmith. It's off the beaten path. But anything that I question these days, I just go, 'F--- it, let's do it.' And there's another full-bodied melody song called 'It Could Have Been Love.' I can't get away from it."

The singer jokes that he can't get away from the melodies, but he adds that his background has always taught him that you have to play to your muse, otherwise "it's gonna bite you in the ass."

Aerosmith's 'Music From Another Dimension' album is expected in November.