Vermont was ravaged by Hurricane Irene last month, and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, who still resides in the Boston area and once attended school in Vermont, has joined the “Irene Good Bye’ cabaret benefit to pitch in with his support. The event serves to celebrate the resilience of the state's unwavering community spirit and will benefit those hardest hit by the hurricane.

Aero Force Once reports that Perry and a surprise guest star will be on hand on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, at 4 PM ET, at the Woodstock, Vermont Town Hall Theater. Perry and said guest will be on site in order to thank the rescue workers and volunteers, as well as to raise funds for the hardest hit households. So Perry's purpose is dual-fold. We wonder who the guest will be. One of his Aerosmith bandmates?

The "Irene Good Bye" Cabaret Benefit is a triple threat. It's free, it's for all ages and it includes a free will contribution. 100 percent of all proceeds will go to the Woodstock Area Flood Relief Fund of Sustainable Woodstock.

You can contribute to the fund online by going here or via that dinosaur-like method known as snail mail. The address for those types of donations is as follows:

Woodstock VT Area Flood Relief Fund
PO Box 611
Woodstock, VT, 05091