Both Adrian Smith and Steve Perry have had more than one stint in the bands that made them famous, rocking a singular hairstyle along the way. Now, they face off in this first-round March Mullet Madness battle.

We’ve lined up some of history’s most spectacular mullets and paired them off against each other for a series of tonsorial battles. We’re halving the field every week based on your votes, until only the greatest mullet in rock ‘n’ roll history is left standing.

Perry took over lead-vocal duties with Journey in 1978, and instantly transformed them from a fusion-inspired jazz-rock band into a chart juggernaut. Together, they began a string of six straight multi-platinum releases. The band split with Perry after 1986's Raised on Radio, then reunited with him for Trial of Fire a decade later – but they've since gone their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Smith took over for Dennis Stratton in Iron Maiden a few years later, remaining from 1980-90 – a period that includes all four of the band's U.S. million-selling albums. He returned, along with classic-era singer Bruce Dickinson, in 1999. Unlike Perry, however, he has remained in the fold, and helped Iron Maiden complete the Top 5 hit Book of Souls late last year.

The only thing they still share is a history with the mullet. But which one wore it better? Vote now for the best one. Oh, and if you just can’t decide, don’t worry: You can come back and keep voting once an hour between now and when the Round One polls close on March 21 at 11:59PM ET. Our March Mullet Madness winner will be announced on April 12.


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