Adler -- the namesake group of former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler -- will issue their first single, ‘The One That You Hated,' on iTunes on April 10.

The song title indicates Adler has certainly experienced his fair share of love and hate relationships, but make no mistake about it -- he loves being a part of this trio and is thrilled about the new single.

The song is now streaming on Revolver and as we previously reported, Adler himself hasn't been this excited since the GnR days.

“Jacob (Bunton) is exactly the singer I have been searching for," Steven said. "He has an amazing range and is a great writer and frontman. Lonny (Paul) is an amazing guitarist and songwriter and the vibe is amazing.”

The song opens up with a repeated chugging of a rhythm guitar before vocalist Bunton shares some words of wisdom. “Baby I’m too young to know any better but I guess I’m just too old to care, I’m waiting on the morning light to clear the air” he sings before the song picks up its momentum.

The rhythm continues throughout and is strongly complimented by Adler’s drumming and some perfectly timed backing vocals followed by a grandiose guitar solo. No joke -- Adler could have a serious hit on their hands with this one.

The single’s length clocks in at around three minutes, just long enough to keep you interested but short enough to keep you hungry for more. This is a strong debut and surprisingly catchy, so given the right exposure, this song could turn even the biggest haters into full-fledged fans.


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