Ace Frehley recently answered a question that's been asked at least a million times during late night conversations across the world: Which rock star, dead or alive, would you most want to bring back to life?

The answer, unsurprisingly for a musician so heavily influenced by the blues-rock guitar legends of the '60s, is Jimi Hendrix. "I mean, Hendrix was such an innovator," he says in the above exclusive video. "He approached the guitar from a different mindset, and he's somebody I would have loved to work with."

Frehley also touched (very briefly) on the 40th anniversary of 'Hotter Than Hell,' the second album by his former band Kiss, and revealed that the Red House Painters' version of 'Shock Me' is the strangest cover he's ever heard of one of his songs: "It's not bad, it kind of takes you into a dream state."

Frehley is expected to announce tour dates in support of his newly released (and in our judgment, quite excellent) new solo album 'Space Invader' shortly.

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