You make as many records as AC/DC, and you're bound to have a hard time pinpointing specific memories about some of them -- especially if you're asked to recall the last time you listened to your debut (the band's 'High Voltage' turns 40 next year).

"You go back -- I trawl them all from time to time," admitted guitarist Angus Young. "Sometimes I hear a song and go, 'Who is it?' and they say, 'It's yours.' Please. I don't know. I have had that -- I've walked down the street and heard something and said, 'What is that? That's not bad.' Somebody will go, 'That's one of yours.'"

"My grandson, he's like four, and he listened to that cartoon with 'Thunderstruck' in it. He's going, 'That sounds an awful lot like Granddad,'" added singer Brian Johnson, laughing. "They said, 'It is.' He said, 'No, it couldn't be. He's not a cartoon.' He friggin' is!"

After fielding that request to look back on their first album, the duo were asked for their thoughts regarding how they'd fare if AC/DC were starting out in 2014. "It'd probably be pretty much the same," shrugged Young. "I think we'd have to prove our worth. You'd still have to go out and prove who you are." Added Johnson, "I'd take my chances."

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