AC/DC have been one of the biggest rock bands on the planet for decades, but even they aren't immune to things going wrong when they hit the road -- and they prove it during our latest installment of Real-Life 'Spinal Tap' Stories.

Ultimate Classic Rock posed the question to guitarist Angus Young and singer Brian Johnson while the duo were in town to discuss their new album, 'Rock or Bust.' Unsurprisingly, they had a lot to choose from, and Young seemed unsure of where to begin, but Johnson didn't have far to look.

"There was a great one on the last tour," he recalled, laughing. "We were leaving this huge stadium, and -- was it Denmark, Sweden? -- 60,000 people, and it was 'Quick, in the car! Quick, we're gonna get back to the hotel before the crowd gets out or we'll be stuck in the traffic.'"

That's only the start of a story that ends with the kind of mass melee you might expect from AC/DC, but we'll let Johnson finish the rest in the video above -- which also contains his memories of a weird little thing that went down with an opening act and a "false palm tree" in the lobby of a Holiday Inn in Syracuse during his first tour with the band. Check it out above.

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