Most people identify classic rock legends AC/DC as having had two lead vocalists: the late, great Bon Scott and current vocalist Brian Johnson. But if Dave Evans has his way, he and former AC/DC drummer Colin Burgess will have their place in the band's history books as well.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Evans says that AC/DC has all but ignored his contributions to the band, choosing to classify their time with Bon Scott, who joined the band in 1974, as having been the starting point of the band.

Evans tells NRK, “They to pretend the first history of the band never existed. In most of the interviews it’s like Bon was there from the very beginning. But the cat’s out of the bag. The early history is important – there would be no AC/DC without me, no AC/DC without Colin Burgess. When they didn’t include us on the 'Family Jewels' DVD many fans saw that as spite and got disappointed in them."

After exiting AC/DC, Evans went on to front a band called Rabbit before going on to lead outfits such as Dave Evans & Hot Cockerel and Dave Evans & Thunder Down Under. Evans most recent release is 'Live On Stage: A Hell of a Night.' You can keep up with his tour dates and activities via his official website.

As for his final thoughts on the current version of AC/DC giving him the credit he feels he's deserved, Evans simply says, "It’s part of the history and everyone knows. Are you going to keep spite for all this time? But it’s up to them.”