Most think of AC/DC as Australia's finest musical exports, but original singer Bon Scott was born in Scotland and the town of his birth is embracing that fact by making plans to erect a statue in his honor.

The singer was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland before moving with his family to Australia at age six. The Kirriemuir community group DD8 are behind the Scott statue movement, and they've also organized the annual Bon Scott music festival in the town. The Daily Record reports that sculptor John McKenna will design the statue as a tribute to the singer. McKenna stated, "It's early days, but it's a great honor. Bon Scott was an icon from my teenage years."

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans reflected upon the band's first trip to Scotland upon hearing of the statue honor: "AC/DC went to Scotland for the first time during the UK version of the 'Lock Up Your Daughters' tour in mid '76. Even though the budget for the tour was beyond shoestring, we were all looking forward to it. The Young brothers and Bon were super giddy to go since they were all born there."

He continues, "It seemed that Scotland had a lot of AC/DC pride even back then, you could actually spot a 'WELCOME HOME' banner in the audience during our first gig in Glasgow (the birth place of the Young brothers). That gig drew a decent crowd but then again, it was only 50 pence to get in! I even got a potted version of Scots history via Young/Young/Scott during a visit to Stirling Castle, one of the very rare times we actually made a visit anywhere as a group. I also encountered a ghost during our stay in Scotland but that's a whole other story!"

Talking about the decision to erect a statue, Evans added, "It's so amazing that Bon is getting honored like this, especially since Scotland is such an important place in the history of AC/DC. Bon already had a street named after him in Kirriemuir and now this! I look forward to visiting Bon's birthplace in the future, hopefully for Bon Fest 2013!"

Scott has also been honored in Claremont, Australia, where a statue was erected in 2008 at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbor. Evans recently released a book about his life, including his time with AC/DC, entitled 'Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside and Outside of AC/DC.'

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