Mark Temperato's drum kit weighs two-and-a-half tons and includes 813 individually assembled pieces that the Lakeville, N.Y., resident can reach without taking a step. That's a world record, according to the folks at Guinness, who know about such things.

Temperato, who goes by the name RevM, says he stores the kit -- which took him 20 years to complete -- at Lakeville's Breath of Worship Church. The 56-year-old Temperato works there. He also plays his massive set there. "I use it to worship God," he told WTEN in 2011. "We just love to get the word of God out in a very different way." At the time, the kit boasted a mere 340 pieces and Guinness wasn't ranking the category.

Now the kit is fitted to match his birthday (Aug. 13), and it takes more than an hour to hit all 813 pieces, including drums, cymbals, cowbells, a gong and other strikable items. Temperato says the kit demands 17 hours' worth of maintenance each week. "There is something in my brain like a pianist has," he said. "But they only have to remember 88 keys." Next up: breaking the 1,000-piece mark.

Video evidence reveals that Temperato is as much about substance as style. He sounds pretty good on a kit that even someone as well-equipped as Motley Crue's Tommy Lee would have to admire.