Founding member of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Chris Ethridge passed away from unknown causes in late April. Ethridge, along with former Byrds Michael Clarke, Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons, formed the Flying Burrito Brothers in 1968, leading the country rock revolution. Their debut album, 'The Gilded Palace Of Sin,' is one of the definitive statments of the genre and has been a huge influence on countless artists from the Black Crowes to R.E.M. to Wilco.

Ethridge, a highly respected bassist, also played on records by Graham Nash & David Crosby, Dave Mason and the Doors. Musician friends such as Booker T. and CSNY/Turtles drummer Johnny Barbata took to social media last week to let fans know of his failing health and sing his praises. Ethridge was 65 years old.

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