We are pleased to present the world premiere of 'Rat Race,' a highly propulsive and surprisingly hard-hitting song from Winger's first new album in five years.

Their new record -- 'Better Days Comin',' which is due in stores April 22 -- offers another chance for music lovers to re-assess the self-described "most misunderstood hard rock band" to come out of the '80s. As band leader Kip Winger explains, "The band is stronger than ever and very excited about the music on this record. We feel this album exemplifies the true sound of the band in every way."

As the fast-paced video's time-lapse images of a big-city workday illustrate very effectively, 'Rat Race' takes a hard look at the pace we've set for ourselves in the modern world. "With 'Rat Race' we took the term 'the human race' literally," Winger explains. "Everyday on this planet is a fight to the death. No matter how fast you run, someone is always gaining on you."

You can pre-order the deluxe edition of 'Better Days Comin'' and receive a download of 'Rat Race' right now. Also be sure to visit Winger's official website for details on their upcoming tour dates.

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