It's like they made this Super Bowl commercial just for us.

Cute puppies (well, dachshunds, which will always be puppies to us). Harry Nilsson. And condiments. Life really doesn't get much better than that.

In the above 60-second spot (which is called the "Extended Cut," so watching anything else is like watching Once Upon a Time in America in its 139-minute form -- who does that?), a stampede of wiener dogs – it's even called "Wiener Stampede" – run slowmo-style as Nilsson's classic "Without You" provides the soundtrack.

It all has to do with the puppies – dressed in hot-dog-and-bun costumes, naturally – racing to a bunch of humans dressed in their own costumes as various Heinz products: mustard, BBQ sauce, way more types of ketchup than we knew existed.

"It's hard to resist great taste," a voice-over tells us, but all we hear, really, is Nilsson's soaring falsetto reaching its peak on the No. 1 song, the only chart-topper of his too-short career.

The song comes from Nilsson's best album, 1971's Nilsson Schmilsson, and was originally recorded by Badfinger, whose core members, Pete Ham and Pete Evans, wrote it for the band's 1970 album No Dice. Mariah Carey also had a huge hit with it later, but Nilsson's classic version remains the definitive one. It's timeless, as this new commercial – which will air Sunday during the big game – proves.

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