Like a drifter, he was born to release live Whitesnake records, so here he goes again: Just a little over two months after announcing Whitesnake's upcoming 'Made in Japan' concert LP, David Coverdale has revealed plans to follow it up with another one, 'Made in Britain.'

And actually, 'Made in Britain' is only half of what fans will be getting in the new live package. As Coverdale explained during a recent interview, the 2-CD set will go by the rather unwieldy title 'Made in Britain/The World Record,' and will back up the first disc's recordings of U.K. gigs with a sampling of performances from the band's tour in support of its 2011 album 'Forevermore.'

"What we're doing with the 'Made In Britain' CD is giving it a different sonic identity," Coverdale said, calling 'Made In Japan' "a soundtrack and the bonus stuff features behind-the-scenes, soundcheck stuff we recorded in different Japanese venues."

As for the second CD, Coverdale says it's truly "Whitesnake the world record. We're taking songs from all over different cities, like Oslo and there might be a Sweden Rock. I'm not sure if we legally can do that. Stuff from Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio. It's two entirely different projects." And if you're lucky, these may not be the only Whitesnake records you get this year: "For the end of the year, we're hoping to achieve a limited-edition box set for Christmas," Coverdale went on to explain, saying it'll be "'Forevermore -- The Complete Collection,' which will have everything 'Forevermore'-related plus outtakes, alternate mixes, acoustic versions of songs, behind-the-scenes footage. Really cool stuff."

Disc 1: 'Made In Britain'

1. 'Best Years'
2. 'Give Me All Your Love Tonight'
3. 'Love Ain't No Stranger'
4. 'Is This Love'
5. 'Steal Your Heart Away'
6. 'Forevermore'
7. 'Love Will Set You Free'
8. 'My Evil Ways'
9. 'Fare Thee Well'
10. 'Heart of the City'
11. 'Fool for Your Loving'
12. 'Here I Go Again'
13. 'Still of the Night'

Disc 2: 'The World Record'

1. 'Bad Boys'
2. 'Slide it In'
3. 'Lay Down Your Love'
4. 'Pistols at Dawn'
5. 'Snake Dance'
6. 'Can You Hear the Wind Blow'
7. 'Fare Thee Well'
8. 'One of These Days'
9. 'The Badger'
10.'The Deeper the Love'
11. 'Soldier Of Fortune'
12. 'Burn / Stormbringer'
13. 'Ain't Gonna Cry No More (Acoustic)' (Japan-only Bonus Track)

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