While his Motley Crue bandmates headed home for the holidays, singer Vince Neil is still keeping busy, wrapping up his fall solo tour with Queensryche and Great White.

Last weekend, the bands performed in Reno, and among all the fan videos that made it online, our attention was grabbed by one in particular, which captures the special moment when two darling young girls were brought onstage to help Neil sing the Crue’s perennial crowd-pleaser ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.’

Wait, what?

Forgive our double-take, but we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in finding it a little bizarre that a song written about “girls behaving badly” is being sung by girls too young and innocent to know better.

But maybe we're making too much out of nothing, since rock 'n' roll doesn't have to be about deep thoughts and deeper meanings. It's all harmless fun and entertainment, right?

And after watching the video featuring these two pint-sized backup singers belt out the Crue’s beloved singalong anthem with Uncle Vince, we have nothing but warm and fuzzy thoughts (we especially like the spirited drumstick throw). Which, of course, is far from the feelings the band's original video gave us back in the day.

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