"Interacting" with a rock star via social media sometimes means trading tweets and Facebook comments with members of their public relations team, but Motley Crue's Vince Neil recently offered an exception in the form of an event he called "#‎askVinceanything."

Neil compiled the results in a post he shared via his Facebook account, and although some of the exchanges are predictably silly, a few of his answers are genuinely illuminating -- like his revelation that before achieving world fame with the band, he dreamed of pursuing a career in oceanography.

Neil also addressed the matter of what he intends to do after the band finishes its upcoming farewell tour, as well as how much input he plans on having into the film adaptation of the Motley Crue memoir 'The Dirt.' Check out the complete list below, and store up those burning questions for the next round of #askVinceanything.

Boxers, briefs or commando: "Commando! Of course!"

What my dreams were before Motley Crue made it big: "I wanted to be an oceanographer."

My plans for the rest of my life after the MC tour: "I just plan on touring with my solo band and making new music."

My favorite song or artist: "Way too many to choose from. I love AC/DC, U2, the Stones, Beach Boys, Eagles. Been listening to a lot of Gipsy Kings too."

My favorite Crue album: "'Girls, Girls, Girls' of course!! (By the way, you said you saw Lita Ford open for me, wow that was some time ago, does that make us old now?)"

My favorite race car I drove: "Mercedes GTP race car. It was f---ing crazy. Favorite old school: 1969 Hemi Cuda"

If I ever thought about my own clothing label: "[Girlfriend Rain Andreani] doesn't think that hahaha. I just find comfortable s--- to wear and wear it until Rain gets sick of seeing me in it, then she gives it away. haha"

My next biggest passion: "I would have continued racing cars. Races are like a 3-day rock concert to me."

How involved I'll be with 'The Dirt': "The band as a whole is going to try and be as involved as much as possible."

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