A collector has paid more than $5,300 on eBay for an ultra-rare early stereo pressing of the Beatles' 'White Album,' which may -- or may not -- have once belonged to John Lennon.

Low numbers from the individually sequenced 1968 two-record set, featuring an otherwise blank design created by Richard Hamilton, have become treasured collectors items over the years. The story has always gone that the first four copies were given to members of the Beatles. None of those editions, of course, have ever made their way onto the open market.

However, this new seller claims that there were, in fact, five copies distributed -- with the additional album going to producer George Martin -- and that Lennon allegedly claimed No. 5. Of course, a similarly numbered edition -- this one in mono, and marked "No. 0000005" -- sold for $28,141 on eBay back in 2008, so the exact historical narrative is a little muddy.

What we do know is this: Someone just bought a very interesting $5,348.35 conversation piece.