Van Halen are definitely in demand, which can lead to a few bumps in the road when trying to schedule a world tour. Though the group did reveal plans to visit Japan this year a little while back, it looks as though they've not been able to nail down anything where Australia is concerned.

News Limited (via Take40) reports that they'll miss the Australian summer after initiating plans to work something out. When the Lion Roars promoter Patrick Prendergast explained that he had pitched a tour for the first week of November, but things fell through. He explained, "Van Halen have passed on playing Australia this year - which is a shame."

The promoter stated he had been in talks with the band since April and they had been "very, very close" on working out a deal. This marks the second near miss for Australia, as the band had been scheduled to headline Soundwave Revolution in September 2011, but bowed out in order to finish their album.

Meanwhile, things are very much full steam ahead for the band's trip to Japan. Van Halen News Desk confirmed that there will not only be shows, but a Van Halen Japanese TV special.

The show is expected to air Aug. 7 and is part of the 'Song to Soul' series. The special will focus primarily on the Van Halen chart-topping single 'Jump,' and also includes brand new exclusive interviews with the band. David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, and Alex Van Halen all shot their interviews at Roth's house two weeks ago.

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