A half-minute clip of the new Van Halen single 'Tattoo' has premiered on Amazon UK's website. The full song is expected to be released next Tuesday, Jan. 10 as the next major step in the massive promotional campaign that has unfolded on the band's behalf in the last few days.

(update - the clip was taken down off Amazon, but we've got a YouTube version below)

All of this activity in in support of the band's first full-length new album with original singer David Lee Roth in nearly 30 years, 'A Different Kind of Truth,' which hits stores Feb. 7. A massive tour (which somehow is so far ignoring Ohio, hint-hint) begins Feb. 18 in Louisville, KY.

We've already heard the aggressively full-throttle 'She's the Woman,' a new/old song revealed at last night's incredible New York City small club show and expected to appear on the album. Unlike that song, 'Tattoo,' from the little we can hear, seems much more laid back, with an appropriately "brown" sounding guitar riff shuffling along while Roth warbles about "swap meet Sallys" and "trash can tramps."

...And then just as fast, it's all over. At least for a few more days.  We're pretty sure we set a record for the most stories about one band in a 24-hour period, but if any more Van Halen news breaks we'll gladly break that record and bring it to you as fast as we hear it.

Listen to a Clip of Van Halen's 'Tattoo'