Update 11/7 - This story was updated with new information.

If the rumors are true -- and there is now some serious doubt -- then we may be hearing a new Van Halen album sometime real soon.

According to Melodic Rock, "the new Van Halen album is complete and the songs recorded are now in the mixing stage." The information comes from "reliable sources," but as the site notes, "As has been the case in the past, everything concerning Van Halen this year has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy."

Apparently only Eddie and Alex Van Halen are involved in the mixing stage.

However, the usually very reliable Van Halen News Desk claims that this rumor is not true, and that "the fact of the matter is that Van Halen has not recorded a new album, or any new music, for that matter."

Back in July, mastering engineer Howie Weinberg posted a photo on Facebook of himself standing outside of his studio with Eddie. While the caption simply reads “Eddie Van Halen came by to visit Howie at his studio,” the picture was enough to set off some new rumors about the band's follow-up to 2012's 'A Different Kind of Truth.'

David Lee Roth has also been fueling these rumors throughout the year, hinting at new music in interviews, teasing a “great Van Halen project” that could be out early next year. As Melodic Rock notes, the secretive group announced the February 2012 release of 'A Different Kind of Truth' in November 2011, so maybe another November announcement is imminent.

The Van Halen News Desk maintains that Roth's secret project is not a new Van Halen album, but another type of release, which is apparently still in development.

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